Carbon Fiber Tubes

Assorted Carbon Fiber Tubing

Carbon Fiber Tubes Deliver Increased Strength and Reduced Weight

Due to their unique properties, carbon fiber tubes are used in numerous applications over traditional materials such as aluminum, steel and titanium.

  -  High strength and stiffness with low weight   

  -  Excellent fatigue resistance 

  -  Dimensional stability: Low to Zero CTE      


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Types of Carbon Fiber Tubes

Standard Modulus Carbon Fiber Tubing (SM)

This is the most common grade of carbon fiber used for our carbon fiber tubes.  Standard modulus offers excellent strength and stiffness.  It is 1.5X stiffer than aluminum and is the most economical grade.


Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fiber Tubing (IM)

Offers enhanced stiffness over standard modulus carbon fiber tubing with the same or better strength.  Intermediate modulus is ~2X stiffer than aluminum tubing.


High Modulus Carbon Fiber Tubing (HM)

High modulus carbon fiber is 3X stiffer than aluminum (or equivalent to steel stiffness) and has very similar strength to standard modulus carbon fiber tubing.  This is an excellent choice for demanding, weight sensitive applications.


Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber Tubing (UHM)

Incredible stiffness at 4-5X aluminum or ~1.5X steel.  Ultra high modulus has lower strength and is not recommended for high stress applications.  



Standard Carbon Fiber Tube Options


  • Round, square, rectangle, oval, hexagon, octagon, etc
  • We can manufacture any shape, just ask


  • 0.060" to over 10"
  • Metric sizes are available
  • Larger diameters and tapered tubes are possible

Wall Thickness

  • 0.01" and above
  • Thick wall tubing is available


  • Standard capabilities up to 8'
  • Longer lengths are possible for special applications
  • Tubes can be joined together with inner or external ferrules


  • Types: Epoxy, BMI, cyanate ester, thermoplastic and more
  • Properties:  Epoxy (standard), high temperature, UL-90, flame resistant (FST), others

Exterior Finishing